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A team of designers planning the interface for a mobile app

Top mobile app development trends in 2022

Today’s world is filled with five million mobile apps, each one providing some convenience to the user. Despite there being so many apps in the industry, there is a demand for new applications. Indeed, Innovations in technology and people’s desire for convenience highlight the need for new innovations. 

Presently, our society is reliant on mobile devices and mobile applications by extension. Innovations and updates provide the chance for developing new solutions and updating existing ones. Today’s world is where mobile device users spend more than ninety percent of their time on apps. They use this time to develop new solutions or update existing ones. 

For this reason, staying up to date with the latest in the mobile app development industry ensures you can build a successful mobile app, attract the right audience, and stay relevant for a long time. Additionally, you can analyze the user’s needs. 

This article will look at the various mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2022. That way you can start off on the right foot and provide a solution everyone loves. 

The rise of 5G in mobile app development

5G is a new generation of telecom networks that supports apps in various advanced technologies. These include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 360 videos, streaming in 4K resolutions, and interconnected IoT devices.

Technology companies started incorporating 5G at full scale into their models. Furthermore, we’re already seeing numerous 5G-enabled devices in the industry. By 2023, experts claim that more than 600 million smartphones will have 5G connections. That amount accounts for nearly fifty percent of devices around the world. This prediction is one reason why we will see 5G playing a significant role in the coming years.

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality

Social distancing technologies boomed in 2020 when the pandemic started affecting industries and our way of life. While this happened, mobile apps gained popularity and saw significant usage in the business space. This approach ensured that service providers and sellers can establish a personal connection with their clients. 

Augmented and Virtual reality helps businesses showcase their services and products in an engaging way. Additionally, the clients can see what a specific product looks like before purchasing it. The beneficial aspects of these technologies are the reason why they are in high demand today. 

The retail and e-commerce industries can immensely benefit from integrating AR and VR technologies into their existing products. Aside from the commercial benefits, augmented reality and virtual reality improve learning experiences and make mobile applications appealing to a broader audience. 

Apps for foldable devices

At a glance, foldable devices make up a small portion of the overall market share of smartphones. They made a surprising comeback in the 2000s, but haven’t yet reached mainstream success. However, that is set to change in the near future. According to Statista, the global foldable phone shipments will cross fifty million units by 2022. 

Video streaming and gaming apps can make the most of this trend by increasing their screen size. They could also use the additional space to provide a better control scheme or more information. 

There are several reasons for making such a prediction. One reason is the usability improvement and user interface expansion. Next is the benefit of using a device like a smartphone and mini-tablet at the same time thanks to the foldable display. That feature can greatly appeal to several users. These reasons are why it is essential to remain technologically savvy in this mobile app trend. 

Blockchain for mobile app development

Blockchain technology is among 2022’s latest mobile app development trends. Many app users expressed concern about security, privacy, and data management. Thankfully, blockchain can solve these problems. 

The technology is applicable in several industries. From logistic monitoring to medical data and supply, there are numerous ways the technology can benefit the company and users. Decentralized apps or Dapps operate on blockchain technology. They provide greater control over their data by removing the need for any managed centralized sources. 

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies excel in several areas beneficial to mobile app development. These areas include transparency, accessibility, data security, reliability, and implementation. The technology is open-sourced for anyone to experiment or tinker with. Developers here can suggest changes that alter the technology’s functioning and implementation. 

The rapid growth of crypto enthusiasts using blockchain-based wallets cannot be ignored. These wallets let users store their digital currency in a safe place. This approach influences new standards of reliable information sources about crypto and apps that manage them. Additionally, these wallets help make blockchain a more mainstream technology. 


Many developers and companies are asking the question “Is Metaverse the next big thing? 

Facebook’s name change to Meta sent waves through the business world. The announcement caused many to turn their heads and take notice. Meta’s focus on the nascent metaverse caused many mobile app developers to shift their priorities to this emerging technology. 

The metaverse is a virtual-reality world where users can interact with digital environments through their fully-rendered avatar. It is one possible iteration of the internet where users can interact with others and view an almost endless variety of 3D virtual worlds. 

The rise of the metaverse led to a rise of metaverse games. Hence, it is easy to assume that more mobile games will transition to this space and provide players with immersive experiences. 

Metaverse is one of the newest trends in the technology sphere and mobile phones are speculated to be its primary platform. Recent research indicates that metaverse mobile games will have a market value of three billion in 2022. The metaverse holds immense potential for mobile game developers. 

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Several mobile applications are utilizing AI and ML for facial recognition. However, this feature also has a place in app development companies. AI and ML here can enhance the user experience, and provide better security, and functionality. 

The security of mobile apps becomes vitally important thanks to this trend. Apps like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. all utilize facial recognition and biometrics in their functioning. These features help the app identify and protect users. 

One notable benefit of AI and ML in mobile app development is that they can significantly cut down app development time. They can also reduce mistakes made by human programmers. 

Several existing apps have integrated AI and ML into their services and have personalized some elements of the user experience. 

In 2022, AI and ML has extensive use in providing geolocation, ensuring a superior gaming experience, and providing advanced software development to users. 

Mobile wallets

Digital wallets see increasing popularity in today’s world. They are a secure and convenient option for users to make purchases. Hence, the modern consumer relies on digital wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, ApplePay, etc. for making payments. The rise of several digital wallets indicates the demand they fetch in the mainstream,

Banks took note of this and several of them developed mobile wallets for account holders. These apps provide several additional features to users like online banking, financial services, and online shopping. In fact, some digital wallets can be used in physical stores and supermarkets, thereby completely replacing the traditional carded system. 

Payments done without relying on physical contact through mobile wallets saw a sharp uptick during the COVID pandemic. This trend will keep rising along with the number of mobile wallets available to users. Hence, now is the ideal time to consider providing mobile wallets for users.

Cross-platform mobile applications

Cross-platform development refers to apps that work on different operating systems without the need for changing the codebase too much. Another way of looking at cross-platform is to imagine an app that can run on iOS, Android, web, and Windows with a single codebase. The codebase is slightly altered to match the native feel each platform provides. 

This trend sees significant interest in 2022 and is blurring the lines between software for PCs and smartphones. For example, Apple released a chip that allows macOS and iOS applications to run simultaneously.  

Cross-platform apps enable developers to reach a significantly larger audience. Additionally, the developers can provide these solutions at a lower cost as they don’t have to separately develop applications for each platform.

Wearables help mobile app development

Wearables are projected to rise in 2022. Users love wearable devices because they are easy to use, carry, and provide individual insights. The technology here refers to any device the user can wear on their body or clothing. Wearables like watches and Apple Glass are showing increased popularity this year.

Users can control these devices remotely or through mobile apps. Their popularity soared to new heights as the technology behind them got better in the past few years. Statista estimates that 2022 will see more than one billion connected devices in use worldwide. This number indicates the significance of wearable technology for this year.

Preparing for upcoming trends is a great way to get an edge over the competition. Apps that rely on outdated or old-school development methods will not last long in this digital age.

Mobile apps reshaped the way businesses operate and have provided a way for customers to interact with clients. This article covered several notable trends to watch out for in 2022. However, mobile technologies make significant advancements every day. It is possible that tomorrow, we will see new trends in the mobile app development landscape that can change the industry.

So stay updated on those trends. That way, you can always be ahead of the competition. 

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