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The biggest web development trends of 2022

The website development world brings changes and new developments every year. Many businesses adapt to these changes in order to survive in this digital era. Hence, it is essential that every business, company, and organization stay updated on the latest web development trends. For example, in 2002 Stuart Morris launched It was the internet’s first single-page web app. The move inspired later web development trends and even formed the basis of frameworks like Node, React, and Angular. Hence, innovation in web development is critical to improving and updating websites. That way, they are interactive, fast, and dynamic.

 However, many organizations struggle to find the most effective web development that can work for their business model. Hence, we assessed the market requirements of several companies in various business sectors and compiled a list. This list is the web development trends that will dominate 2022. 

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs in their latest iteration are on track to permanently replace web apps. These apps help websites load faster and can even work offline in apps like Google Maps. Companies like Uber, Twitter, Pinterest, and Starbucks are already using PWAs and are benefiting from providing a superior user experience. 

In 2021, mobile devices made up more than fifty percent of the global internet traffic. The increased usage of smartphones and tablets for handling online tasks shows no signs of stopping. Additionally, 5G networks will carry more than sixty percent of mobile data traffic and provide better and more responsive mobile services. 

This increase in usage is why it is essential to revamp current web apps into PWAs. Aside from a stellar user experience, PWAs also provide other benefits like easy maintenance and lower development costs. Earlier, it was said that several big companies are already using PWAs and benefiting from them. Hence, we believe that Progressive Web Apps could change the game for businesses this year.

Chatbots with AI

In the year 2022, tech experts believe that chatbots with AI will grow in sophistication. These advanced chatbots can meet the needs of clients and match user behavior like never before. Chatbots achieve this by leveraging natural language processing, machine learning, and several information-gathering techniques. 

AI-enabled chatbots can help companies streamline their operations through text or voice chats. Aside from this benefit, they can greatly improve the customer experience. They gather data, answer questions, and solve typical problems the user faces. These benefits combine to provide customers with a stellar digital experience with a company. 

Already, there are several B2C companies using AI-enabled chatbots in their business model. Forbes states that marketers increased AI usage by nearly two hundred percent between 2018 and 2020. Skype, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger replaced their traditional chatbots with these advanced ones. We can expect to see more companies embrace AI-enabled chatbots in the coming years. 

Dark Mode UI in web development

The dark mode trend saw increased popularity worldwide in the past few years and we expect it to grow in the coming years. Websites utilize the dark mode design pattern to make it easy for users to browse the web regardless of the device that they use. 

According to Android Authority, more than eighty percent of Android users prefer using dark mode on their devices. Nearly ten percent of users switched between light mode and dark mode. Another survey states that more than ninety percent of users prefer dark mode over the standard light model. 

Tech giants like Reddit, Facebook, Google, and Twitter knew the importance of dark UI and integrated it into their platforms. Tech experts believe that other companies will use this trend to improve their website UI. Presently, many developers provide users with the option to move between light and dark mode. Hence, we expect it to become an industry standard in the coming years. 

Voice Search Optimization

Last year we saw how Voice Search Optimization seamlessly blended into our daily lives. Devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant made that transition easy. Voice recognition technology is on the rise and its inclusion in web development cannot be overlooked. 

In 2022, many estimate that there will be more than one hundred million smart speakers used in houses worldwide. Speech recognition backed by AI assistants like Alexa and Siri makes this change possible. 

According to Adobe Analytics, users prefer using voice search more than typing. According to them, nearly fifty percent of users prefer voice search over the traditional type and search options. 

The numbers indicate that voice recognition is a growing trend. Companies will benefit from using this technology to increase reachability and improve the user experience. The approach also improves the online experience for hearing and visually-impaired users. 

Big tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon introduced their smart speakers into the market to capitalize on this growing trend. 

Single-page Applications

Single-page Applications or SPAs are a recent trend in the web development sphere. They are JavaScript-based web application that loads a single HTML page in a visitor’s browser. The app dynamically updates content without the user having to refresh the page. SPAs saw wide adoption by the development community alongside Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

The two most significant benefits to developing SPAs are that they are cost-effective and easy to create. SPAs take up less server space and provide information to users from a single location. The users don’t have to navigate to different pages and that improves the overall experience. These benefits come together to make SPAs a win for visitors and developers alike. 

JavaScript led to the popularity rise of SPAs thanks to the web application-like experience they provide. This trend shows no signs of stopping and nearly every website is expected to transition to this format soon. 

WordPress Development

Presently, WordPress CMS powers more than forty percent of all websites and has a presence that demands attention. WordPress is an open-source platform that adds more features to meet users’ changing needs. It is essential that WordPress developers stay aware of how the platform evolves over time. 

In 2022, the CEO of Gravity Forms Carl Hancock noted the importance of Full Site editing. This process extends the block editing functionality to the whole website. It is no longer limited to posts and pages alone. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is to increase page functionality and retain users. AMP operates similarly to Progressive Web Apps. 

Think of AMPs as optimized pages that feature a simple and convenient design. The design has fewer features compared to full-scope web products. One notable benefit is that these pages are mobile-responsive and have readable content. 

AMP is a new web design trend that indicates how the internet places an emphasis on user-friendliness. Presently, we have 5G internet technology that enables brands to create native apps and improve the user experience. However, the AMP plugin also helps businesses save expenses on UX development while reaching their target audience. Hence, we can expect to see many niches and smaller products in competition with established market leaders.

Serverless Architecture

There is an ongoing search for technology that reduces data loss, development costs, and system overloading. The search for this technology resulted in Serverless architecture. 

This architecture runs on cloud technology and enables the user to run code for nearly any type of app or backend service. The best part is that the user can do this without relying on an administrative force. There is no need to manage, upgrade, or provide servers. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are the best examples of this technology. They not only operate using this but also sell Serverless Architecture to other companies. 

Flexera reports that nearly 100% of companies in the world use at least one public or private cloud. This information shows that cloud architecture has a significant role in the future of web development. The global market for Serverless architecture will grow from 7.6 billion USD in 2020 to 21 billion USD by 2025. This rapid growth rate means that we can expect more organizations to enter this business sector in 2022 and beyond. 

Additionally, we will also see products like APIs, chatbots, and IoT apps becoming widely used. These applications use serverless functions for tasks like exporting objects, providing notifications, and downloading file backups. 

Web development and Motion UI

Today’s consumers expect minimal load times, mobile-friendly digital experiences, and richer or more interactive experiences. The third requirement is the reason why Motion UI rose in popularity in recent years. Motion UI is a front-end framework for developers looking to build responsive websites and mobile apps. Developers can also use the platform to view predefined motions in a native app setting. 

Through this framework, a developer can make any element, transition, spin, slide, close, open, bounce, etc. 

Motion UI’s compatibility with all web technologies made it a widely-used framework platform since 2018. Developers can add it anywhere on a website, like a header, footer, and menus. However, the framework became more accessible thanks to the SASS libraries’ technology. That addition made it one of the leading web development trends of 2022. 

Increased mobile-friendly web development

Mobile devices make up more than half of the web traffic found worldwide. Additionally, three-quarters of eCommerce sales occur on mobile devices. According to Statista, mobile devices account for more than fifty percent of webpage views in August 2021. This information indicates that companies should take a mobile-first approach to web development and benefit in the long run.

Many developers already approach web development like this. However, being mobile-friendly changes constantly every year. In 2022, being ‘mobile-friendly’ means using geolocation data to provide personalized experiences to users. It also means providing one-press orders on eCommerce apps and integrating biometric authentication measures like fingerprint scanning or voice recognition. 

Google’s Core Web Vitals update looks at page experience as the ranking factor on search engines. This approach is an indication of the importance of a mobile-first development approach. It is also the reason why it is one of the top web development trends of 2022. 

Additionally, checking a mobile website’s uniformity across multiple devices can be difficult. Hence it is better to develop a strategy for a seamless experience across several devices is essential. Tools like LT browser can help developers through this process. 

Cyber security

Cyber security remains one of the most important trends of 2022 and beyond. Emerging technologies ensure that cybersecurity threats will evolve every day. Every company regardless of its size is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacks. For example, the first quarter of 2020 saw a sudden rise in DDoS attacks compared to the first quarter of 2019. In 2021, hackers gathered the accounts of seven hundred million LinkedIn users and gained information like their phone numbers, emails, and full names. 

Cyber attacks like DDoS attacks can cause a significant negative impact on a company. A significant revenue loss, hours of downtime, and a damaged reputation are just a few of the effects of a DDoS attack. 

The rapid increase in cyberattacks means that website development must adapt in ways to protect their company’s and customer’s information. Presently, there is a shift towards apps with a multi-factor authentication system. We’re already seeing this in patch management, Google Authenticator, and Security Operation Centers. 

The health, financial, and retail industries store the user’s private information. That makes them prime targets for hackers. It is essential that they focus on employing stringent security methods to keep their data safe. 

Moving forward, we will see a rise in non-traditional methods meant to improve a site’s cybersecurity. These methods go beyond monitoring tools and analytics checkpoints. Websites facing substantial traffic every day must follow the required security standards and regularly conduct security audits. 

The future will see more web development trends

Web development changes every day to meet the expectations and needs of online consumers. Typically, these trends focus on optimizing the user experience on mobile devices. Other trends in the future might focus on optimizing the UX for wearables or devices yet to reach the market. 

Staying on top of these web development trends helps your business consistently delight and attract visitors. 

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