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Scripless Blockchain

Scripless blockchain brings a modern solution to an age-old problem






Blockchain, logistics, supply chain

01 Overview

The purpose behind Scripless blockchain is to modernize the outdated shipping procedures by providing a decentralized solution.

02 Problem

The mounting problems caused by the Bill of Lading (or B/L) in global trade are a point of concern. Many exporters, importers, freight forwarders, shipping companies, carriers, transporters, etc. have lost millions of dollars thanks to the countless pitfalls and fraudulent practices found when dealing with the Bill of Lading.

Several conventions and methods took place and attempts were made to tackle these issues. However, few saw success thanks to the rapid growth of the modern shipping industry.

03 Solution

We first joined in several workshops to give us an understanding of the supply chain and logistics industry workflow. This step helped us have insightful discussions with industry experts and get a better understanding of the industry’s mindset.

With this information in mind, we started developing our logo, UI, UX, and prototype for the web application. As a result, the application incorporated features such as DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) by utilizing a hyper ledger fabric tech stack.

04 Conclusion

Scripless Smart B/L enables the transparent flow of Bills of Lading documents from creation to authenticity validation. This solution provided a seamless and secure experience for the customer. Here, they can experience a transparent, trusted, traceable, and secure network that overcomes the traditional paper-based B/L document requirements.

Scripless utilizes Web3 technology and brings much-needed change to the shipping industry.