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Lets Join In

Lets Join In Provides A Social Media Alternative For Live Videos




Lets Join In


Mobile App, Social Media App

01 Overview

The objective of LJI is to encourage healthy discussions between people and let users have their say on authentic content, thus curbing the spread of misinformation or fake news.

02 Problem

Present-day social media is packed with fake or redundant news from several sources. Research indicates that the spread of fake news hurts social media and online-based outlets more than print and TV outlets. Social media is where information spreads significantly faster and can cause real-world problems for millions of people within minutes.

Many users’ opinions on social media remain unnoticed thanks to the sheer amount of users on any platform and the unorganized chat or comment system. Content creators spend a lot of money on their content and earn invariable pay through social media. Presently, it is uncertain how much revenue can be generated through social media.

03 Solution

We built a unique way for users to engage in conversations that encouraged small group discussions. These discussions with others made users feel like they were sharing their insights with a wider audience. We developed a commenting algorithm and patented it in more than 25 countries.

Additionally, we added a programmatic advertising algorithm that pays content creators a fair fee while increasing the platform’s revenue. This algorithm is a unique program and the first of its kind in social media.

04 Conclusion

We created a platform for sharing content for people to interact and view in a unique way. Only genuine mainstream organizations and media could post content here, thus curbing the spread of misinformation.

We developed an interactive broadcast management system with an automatic dynamic group creation system. Here, online participants can form chat rooms based on criteria like the number of people in a chat room, the amount of interaction taking place, the range of opinions shared by the participants, and several others. Our unique algorithm helps us see the best, worst, and most engaged comments at a glance. Also, the user can switch between multiple discussions within the same program and across multiple programs. Presently, we have a joint patent with Lets Join In.

Lets Join In curtails fake news to a very large degree and gives the audience a breath of fresh air.