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Ruah Tech Solutions is an international product company, specializing in building future-ready solutions for the present.

Growth factors in Marketplace platform development

The global marketplace industry is valued at nearly ten trillion USD in 2019 and is expected to have a CAGR between 2020 to 2027.

The number of digital buyers in 2021 is approximately 2.14 billion and that number will keep increasing in the coming years.

B2C online sales through marketplaces are expected to reach 4 trillion USD in 2025 with a CAGR of 32%. B2B marketplaces account for 7% of total B2B online sales in 2020 and that number is expected to keep growing as the industry matures.

Brands that trust us

Marketplace Platforms

The key to success is being able to deliver the right product to the people willing to buy it. Typically, this business model is comprised of the merchant looking for the customer and selling their goods or services. Modern business models utilize tools that simplify the process and make it easy for merchants to sell their products. This tool is the online marketplace.

Today’s world is where you can build optimized and engaging marketplaces backed by increased sales, high conversion, and traffic rates. We can help you create a successful, scalable, and customized online marketplace that users will enjoy and keep coming back to.

Our extensive experience in online marketplace development makes us qualified to know the ins and outs of development. We understand the need for creating a smooth and pleasing experience for the user. Hence, we take a careful approach to understanding the target audience and analyzing their needs. With this knowledge, we create a product in line with those needs and deliver an engaging and profitable marketplace for your benefit.

You can count on us to provide an efficient marketplace for you in line with the latest tech and industry trends. The best part about this product is that customers will love it and keep coming back to it.