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Theatrix- bringing HD quality theatre productions to the future

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Today’s age is the streaming age. Every company is creating streaming platforms for their shows. This way, potential customers worldwide could join the platform and view the content. This approach helped many media sites expand their audience to a global level and enjoy the rewards. Now, most of our favorite TV shows and movies are available for streaming. So, why not bring in stage plays as well?

That’s where Theatrix Holdings comes into the conversation.

The company approached us with the aim of creating an OTT platform meant to stream live events, stage plays, music concerts, and more. The idea was to get into the streaming market and provide a solution no one else had done so far.

The team got to work and started developing the solution aiming to do just that. 

The first biggest problem the team faced was designing the infrastructure to properly encode and decode videos. The original files were sent in a RAW format, meaning their size on the HDD was beyond 100 GB. The team had to make it so that anyone with even a basic internet connection could stream the videos. That was when the team hit upon a solution: to emulate the kind of video quality settings on sites like YouTube. YT gives users the option to switch video quality to higher quality when required. The team emulated this for Theatrix, providing videos in SD, HD, 2k, and 4k resolution.

The team’s next problem was building an intuitive system for the users and admin. Theatrix began during the early stages of the streaming boom. Hence, very few people knew about how they worked. Those that did were very secretive about it and the information online was scarce. Nevertheless, the team persevered and utilized all possible avenues. This effort resulted in them getting an in-depth understanding of the front and back-end workings of a streaming sight. They also learned about the necessary elements to add to the site. That way, the platform exuded a professional finish like what’s seen in Amazon Prime and Netflix.

A somewhat smaller problem took place with subtitles. Typically, subtitles are encoded into the video before being uploaded to the site. That way, users can turn on or turn off subtitles. However, Theatrix loaded the subtitles as a separate file. This approach proved problematic for platforms like Roku, which took the subtitles from the encoded video. Seeing this, the team quickly worked to sort the issue out. They did so within a small time frame.

Despite facing multiple issues, the team came through in the end. They delivered the final product to the client, who was pleased with the results. One of the many good things that came out of this project was how it helped the team level up their knowledge. Now, the team is more than ready to create streaming portals like this for other forms of entertainment.

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