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The LJI initiative aimed to create a way to enable meaningful conversations between groups. One of the big problems often found in large social media groups is keeping track of a subject. Groups with fifty or one hundred members often devolve into spamming or random messages. This behaviour confuses other group members and may keep them from participating altogether.

To curb this, LJI thought of dividing the single big group into smaller groups. Here, admins in charge of each group could keep the conversation on track. They can also prevent others from spamming the group. Smaller groups also made it easy for everyone to participate and share their thoughts.

These inputs helped our team start working on an app. The app followed the basic features required in a social media app. We also added a feature where people could vote on posts they liked. That way, if someone said something important, others in the group could ‘like’ it to show they agree with it. Another feature critical to the app was limiting the number of people involved. This feature was something only group admins had. They defined how many people could join a group. That helps them perform their task properly.

The app also functions well in a corporate structure. Every company has a different division. With this app, a company could create groups for each division. Then, the employees of a particular division can share their thoughts, insights, and ideas in that group. Altogether, it provided a great way for people to contribute to the conversation.

The app was called Let’s Join In as it perfectly captures the objective and purpose. We completed the project on time and shared it with the client. They were very happy with the results and thanked us for our efforts.

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