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I’m Safe Org

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In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and well-being of employees and students is a top priority for corporations and educational institutions alike. Amidst evolving safety challenges, organisations are seeking innovative solutions to cultivate environments of security and trust.

Introducing I’m Safe Org – a pioneering one-stop safety solution that is revolutionising safety protocols and empowering organisations to prioritise the safety of their workforce and students with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

I’m Safe Org’s Organisational benefits

I’m Safe Org fosters a strong safety culture with advanced blockchain-like technology, enhancing morale and engagement. Our streamlined compliance processes and automation elevate efficiency, bolstering organisational reputation. Enhanced communication tools drive productivity and innovation, supported by secure data storage. Prioritising safety grants a competitive edge, with our innovative solutions setting organisations apart as safety leaders.

Additionally, our solutions boost NAAC scores, facilitate ESG and SDG standards, and ensure PoSH compliance, aligning with best practices and regulatory requirements.

Holistic Safety Solutions: I’m Safe Org’s Versatile Offerings

Advanced SOS Alerts: Our platform offers instantaneous SOS alerts, enabling employees and students to request assistance promptly during emergencies, ensuring rapid response and support.

360-Degree PoSH Solutions: From sensitisation training to Internal Committee setup, our platform provides end-to-end PoSH solutions tailored to both corporate and educational environments. By automating compliance processes, we eliminate paperwork and simplify regulatory adherence, ensuring seamless legal compliance.

Reporting Features: I’m Safe Org enables gender-neutral reporting, allowing employees and students to raise concerns anonymously or designate specific recipients, fostering transparency and accountability in safety protocols.

Internal Communication Tool: Facilitating seamless collaboration, I’m Safe Org’s internal communication tool enables employees to communicate effectively, fostering teamwork while enhancing organisational cohesion.

Continuously Advancing for Excellence

Night Safety Alerts: Ensure employees’ safety during late shifts or night work with real-time alerts and assistance.

Announcements: Keep employees informed with important updates and messages.

AI Chatbot Mental Health Support: Access instant mental health support and resources through an AI-powered chatbot.

Expert Mental Health Consultants: Receive personalised advice and support from certified mental health experts.

Certifications and Adherence to Safety Standards:

We are proud to announce that I’m Safe Org adheres to the highest safety standards. We are ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to quality management and information security. These certifications underscore our dedication to maintaining rigorous safety protocols and ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive data.


As the driving force behind groundbreaking solutions like the I’m Safe Women Safety app, Ruah Tech Solutions proudly extends its commitment to workplace safety through I’m Safe Org. Our dedication to reshaping safety technology for the better underscores our mission to ensure the safety and empowerment of employees across various industries.

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