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Dupont 3D- Create Your Own Toothbrush

Ruah Tech Solutions is an international product company, specializing in building future-ready solutions for the present.

Dupont 3D is a renowned manufacturing company found in the United States. The company specializes in the bulk manufacturing of toothbrushes. They are the primary supplier for moth dental companies worldwide. 

The company approached us asking us to develop a page where users could create customized toothbrushes and buy them. This way, companies can create the kind of toothbrush they want and Dupont will ship it to them.

The team received the brief on the project and started the work. They utilized a combination of software and programming languages like AWS, Node, Blender, Unity, and Web to create the site. Once complete, the team moved on to the hardest part of the task- adding the assets.

It was understood from the briefing that the biggest and hardest part of this project was the assets and the customization. Almost every month, companies release new toothbrushes with innovations and changes that make them appeal to the audience. We had to take note of all of them and add them to the database.

 Sections like the grip, the bristles, bristle direction, design templates and more all had to be added to the site. The work was not difficult but the sheer volume of it required a lot of time to complete. Nevertheless, the team at Ruah Tech rose to the challenge and diligently worked to complete it. We systematically divided each customization option and asset to individual team members. That way, we divided a single big task into multiple smaller tasks to complete.

The approach greatly helped streamline processes and helped us complete the task within the span of one month. The client was very pleased with the final product and commended us on a job well done.

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