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Ruah Tech Solutions is an international product company, specializing in building future-ready solutions for the present.

Growth factors about VR and AR

The global VR and AR market is expected to generate a revenue of 1,274 Billion USD in 2030, with an estimated CAGR of 42.9% between 2020-2030

The application of VR is rising in several industries, causing a price drop in VR peripherals, and resulting in increasing adoption of the technology.

Companies like Google LLC, Facebook INC, HTC, Microsoft, Sony, HP, etc. have taken a keen interest in VR and AR development.

Brands that trust us

VR/AR Expertise and Services

Deliver immersive and interactive experiences that revolutionize the industry

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are steadily becoming the preferred standard for omnichannel branding. Research indicates that these two platforms could potentially all fifteen trillion USD to the global economy. Numbers that huge indicate that the customer’s experience will be influenced by the brand’s ability to design virtual spaces and experiences. The brand’s ability to make these spaces accessible to a broader audience will help AR and VR attain mainstream appeal.

The number of uses cases for VR and AR shows up every day. It is essential for brands to continually innovate on these ideas and concepts to reach their audience. However, innovation requires overcoming challenges like accessibility, cost, and a lack of expertise. Brands require a reliable ecosystem that can deliver top-notch VR and AR app development services in a short TAT. Additionally, companies look for solutions that provide high scalability and solve major challenges.

Ruah explores the possibilities of both VR and AR for various applications and use cases. We help users interact with game elements that are unique in themselves, Our VR and AR development services incorporate real-world presence in the virtual world and deliver an immersive experience like never before.

By partnering with us, you get a myriad of benefits that help your business grow and evolve in the long run. These benefits include

  • Rich and immersive experiences
  • Fast adaptation
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Content tailored to the users’ needs
  • Connecting users with published content
  • Detailed analytics