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Jungleheads lets kids become their favorite animal


March 2021




Mobile app, AR app

01 Overview

Efteling, a fantasy-themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands contacted us to develop an AR product for their fun area. The client requested that we develop a series of animal masks for children to wear and use AR technology to create an enjoyable experience. Another point Efteling insisted on was to develop animal characters native to the Netherlands and not rely on existing cartoon characters.

02 Challenges

Developing an Augmented Reality application typically takes anywhere from 90 days to three months, depending on the functionalities you want to include. However, the client wanted the product completed within one month. Add to that the location difference and already we were beginning the project on the back foot.

03 Solution

The AR development team first listed the purpose of the app then developed a timeline. From there, they began the task of developing an augmented reality application in one month. During the development, the team was faced with several challenges and roadblocks that threatened to hamper or derail the project.

They persevered and managed to deliver the project on time. The result was a downloadable app and a special animal mask. The masks were given to the children when they entered the play area. There was a lion, monkey, snake, and cheetah mask, and each mask had a QR code.

The child wears the mask and the parents open up the app. The app comes with a scanner, prompting them to scan the animal mask. When scanned, the mask digitally morphs onto the child’s head and makes it look like the real thing. In this way, the children could pretend that they were animals and the parents could record their kids having fun with it.

Additionally, the masks had a secondary function to them. When placed on any flat surface and scanned, the mask showed a 3D model of the animal. Each animal did a unique trick: the lion roared, the monkey did some jumps and flips, the cheetah runs, and the snake coils up. The animals had different actions tied to the buttons on the app. The children could use the app to make the animals perform various actions.

04 Conclusion

The app went down well with the client and the audience. Efteling printed approximately ten thousand masks and distributed them to the children. The parents and the children enjoyed using the app.

Developing an application that uses Augmented Reality to bring in more customers to a theme park is one of the many ways we use the latest technology to change the culture. AR app development is one of many ways we use advanced technology to bring something new to the table.