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I’m Safe

I’m Safe uses blockchain technology to make women feel safe wherever they go




I’m Safe


Mobile app, Women’s Safety App

01 Overview

Women’s safety has been one of society’s biggest issues to date. Though there are many efforts and measures put in place to ensure women’s safety, none of them made considerable progress. When news broke about the tragic death of an Indian woman, the CEO and Director wanted a solution. They wanted to develop an app that could definitively ensure women’s safety. That was the motivation behind I’m Safe.

02 Challenges

I’m Safe runs on blockchain technology and incorporates several battery-friendly features like advanced location sharing, Blockchain technology, SOS, and more. These features and more worked together to make a woman feel safe. The difficult part was bringing all those ideas together into a tangible solution that worked as intended.

Another issue that the development team had to contend with was Blockchain itself. Blockchain only recently came into the spotlight, thanks to the rise of NFTs and crypto. However, much of the general public did not know about it and there weren’t many developers who knew how to code blockchain.

03 Solution

The development team first listed the necessary features to include in the app and set a release date of Women’s day 2022. The team began developing the app with the due date in mind. The biggest reason why Blockchain technology played a vital role in the app development process was its immutable nature. Blockchain is a shared digital ledger that records transactions and tracks assets. Any change, addition, or deletion made to the ledger is made aware to everyone. That way, it is impossible to tamper with or alter records without anyone knowing.

During development, the team encountered several challenges like coding blockchain and adding other features to the app. These features added value to the app, but it pushed back the deadline.

The managers in charge of the team considered how to tackle the challenge and reached a novel solution. This solution ensured that the team would meet their initial deadline. On 8th March 2022, the CEO and Director of Ruah Technologies announced the official launch of I’m Safe. The app came loaded with the essential features while the website showed a roadmap of upcoming features to be added in separate phases.

04 Conclusion

Ruah Technologies demonstrated how using new technology like Blockchain can result in innovative solutions. With I’m Safe, the user can store essential information on the blockchain and later recall that information and use it in a court of law. This is one of the many examples of how Ruch Technologies is changing the world around us for the better.