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Cybersecurity testing and services

The global cyber security market reached a value of 139.77 billion USD in 2021 and is expected to reach 376.32 billion USD by 2029.

The pandemic increased demand for cyber security solutions in the healthcare, government, and manufacturing sectors.

The number of ransomware attacks increased from 40 seconds to 11 seconds between 2016- 2021

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Cybersecurity testing and services

Be equipped to mitigate and take on the most dangerous multi-vector attacks with our intelligent cyber security services

Businesses today live in an interconnected ecosystem that is driven by global connectivity and cloud-based services. However, this digital ecosystem is also where threats can form. Cyber security went from being an IT problem to a business problem.

Cyber security is an essential part of today’s digital age. Every day, there are countless cyber-attacks taking place on companies and individuals. Hence, it is important to utilize the latest cyber security protocols and mitigate yourself from the latest digital threats.

Threats like viruses, malware, data theft, financial fraud, ransomware, etc., can have catastrophic consequences for your business. In 2017, there was a substantial increase in ransomware attacks on hospitals, schools, and other institutions across North America. As we move forward into a digital world and interact with an online audience, there is a need for utilizing the latest in cyber security defenses.

Working together with a renowned cyber security consulting company equips you with the tools to mitigate digital threats. These companies can provide you with a consolidated cyber security approach. With this approach, you have the necessary tools to withstand cyberattacks, protect essential data and safeguard your complex business environments.

Integrating your business with a robust cyber security infrastructure automatically gains a competitive advantage over your competitors. Additionally, you can position your business as a brand that customers can trust, thereby increasing your reach.