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Triaze: Your Premier Destination for Christian Materials

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The decline of the reading culture poses a threat, particularly to Christian literature authored by talented yet independent writers who often struggle with limited marketing resources. Acknowledging this gap between authors and avid readers, the Triaze team conceived an idea: establishing a website for books from experienced writers of diverse Christian genres.

The Triaze team aimed for a minimalist website design with simple features to enhance user-friendliness. While the process was straightforward for the Ruah Tech team, the primary challenge arose in integrating a podcast section onto the website. This podcast needed to be easily accessible on the website while also being linked to Spotify. After a few days of effort, our team successfully accomplished this task.

Following the successful launch of the website, the Ruah Tech team extended their support to Triaze by aiding in the digital promotion of their authors across various social media platforms.

The site consistently welcomes new authors, and Triaze has also broadened its scope to include book printing services.

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