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Ruah Tech Solutions is an international product company, specializing in building future-ready solutions for the present.

The team at Ruah Tech was tasked with creating a Christianity-focused Metaverse. There were many reasons why the client was motivated to create this specific online platform. The Metaverse was gaining traction in the time since Facebook rebranded. The idea was an intriguing concept and many companies saw the potential in creating this revolutionary digital space.

But as they did, the problems started popping up. The most sensationalized news about the Metaverse was about how a young girl’s avatar was sexually harassed in the Metaverse. Our client wanted to create an online world where none of that could happen. That and their religious beliefs led to the need for developing a Christianity-focused Metaverse. This need eventually resulted in the team coining the title- Lifeverse.

Unlike other projects we worked on, developing Lifeverse was a monumental task. Metaverse development at the time was new. Hence, we had no other choice but to develop the assets from the ground up. Our team created everything starting from the concept art, right up to the execution and endpoint. This was the first of many problems we had overcome.

The next problem came with the approval process. Clients always have feedback or input they share about their product. Here, implementing this feedback was difficult as any changes or suggestions required changes done at the conceptual level. Hence, any change, no matter how small required significant time to fully implement.

Another problem arose when the game worked on web apps but struggled to render on VR. A VR headset requires the game to essentially ‘stream’ onto the device. Hence, high-quality assets take longer to stream. That problem resulted in massive lag which was the death knell for online games. The only way to remedy this was to convert everything we’ve done to low-quality assets. That way, they could work well on the headset.

 The project took more than a year to complete. There were many drawbacks or issues we faced other than the ones mentioned here. Ultimately though, we persevered and delivered the final product to the client.

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