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Biblist – A Multiplayer Trivia/Puzzle Web Based Game

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Biblist is a collection of  interactive web based games with puzzles and quiz from the Bible. The game allows you to invite people from all over the world, create your own challenges and rank players worldwide. The game has a multi language interface and has over 3000 active players globally.This progressive web app game runs on any standard web and mobile browsers. 

Virus Free

A maze based game which involves the player choosing the shortest path from various options to select from. While the player cracks the shortest path, they also will be learning and answering questions from various chapters of the Bible.


Sieve is a multiplayer game that can be used in youth camps, retreats and churches and allows various modes such as:

projector mode –  The admin/ game host creates the game session and invites users to participate simultaneously 

One by One – Each player plays their turn while other wait for their turn

Simultaneous  – All players compete simultaneously 

Upcoming Endless Runner Game

Biblist will soon be launching an endless runner themed game with Bible trivia.

Visit for more details and to play the game.

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